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The floor is lava! —Everyone, Pompeii, 79 A.D. (via ahkep)

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in stories featuring aliens, they’re always like “on my planet this never happens!” or “in my culture, this differs from your human culture.” and that’s neat and all because i like worldbuilding and all that jazz but wouldn’t it be fun if they just. couldn’t do that?

i want a story where humans encounter an alien who frustrates them because they don’t know enough to tell them anything concrete

like humans will ask “tell us about politics in your planet!” and the alien’s all “uh… hold on it’s been a while since i took gov. um….”

"what sorts of plants grow on your planet?"

"i dunno i grew up in the suburbs. they’re like… purple? idk what you want me to say"

"tell us about the culture on your planet!"

"do you have any idea how many fucking countries are back home, i don’t even know where to begin"

"your planet is obviously much more scientifically and technologically advanced than ours. is it possible for you to enlighten us on certain matters concerning space travel, or would that be a form of interference you must avoid?"

"naw it’s cool, it’s just that, um, i’m a philosophy major"

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Anonymous asked, "How many anime shows have you watched, I only ask because of your books plot summary? Seems to me like you may have stolen a few elements."

Oh, allo. Not many, the only things I’ve given serious time to anytime recently have been Attack on Titan and Danganronpa. Aside from that, Pokémon, Digimon and DBZ as a kid lol.

There are obvious influences from Avatar:tLA, but I’m trying to use the magic system more as a plot/framing device than anything else. Which reminds me, I’ve actually made some important developments to the Affinity system that need documenting on the wiki.

I don’t think I’ve consciously stolen anything though, what were you thinking of? Though as a point, it’s hard to directly steal a plot unless you’re actively plagiarising. It could be seen as derivative, sure, but I like to think that I’ve tried to make as unique a world/plot as possible for the story I’m trying to tell.

Also, thanks! It’s nice to know at least somebody has read my scribbles.

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I control your entire country, kids


I control your entire country, kids

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Never forget
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